Stayve Whitening & Lifting Pack

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  • The highest quality brightening and lifting skincare kit.
  • Enhancing effects of the micro-needling therapy when used before BB Glow treatment.
  • Wrinkle improvement
  • Whitening effect
  • Minimizes pores
  • Blackhead removal

The set includes:

  • 10 capsules (6 ml)
  • 10 ampoules with polymer (1 ml)
  • cream (30 g)
  • brush

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Whitening & Lifting Pack consists of a total of 22 elements that guarantee effective brightening and firming of the skin.
They absorb the toxins from the skin and expel them eliminate the fat to add a strong lifting effect and assist in diminishing wrinkles. Whitening & Lifting Pack helps for other cosmetic products to be absorbed easily by the skin with it's excelling purifying trait. Through the above process the product is able to create a whitening effect whereas adding glow and radiance to the skin.

  • The set is intended for skin care before micro-needle therapy procedures with the use of Stayve Ampoules.
  • Can be sold to clients to use simultaneously as homecare product.


  1. Wash your face and dry with a towel.
  2. Open the capsule and add polymer, then gently shake for 30 seconds. ⠀⠀
  3. Shaking the product for 30 seconds will cause the thin liquid to change into the consistency gel.
  4. Apply on the face with a brush starting from the bottom.
  5. Leave the product on your face for about 20-30 minutes. To speed up the process you can use the fan.
  6.  Rinse the product with warm water or wipe with a damp towel.
  7. Finally, apply a peptide cream to complete the procedure.


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