PicoBio PEPPLUS+ Special Skin Care Lifting Program – LAUNCH OFFER

£169.00 plus Vat


This highly concentrated essence consists of purified water and skin improving ingredients, including skin resilience enhancement, pore contraction, skin whitening, skin regeneration, fat breakdown and wrinkle improvement.

The box contains:

  • 10 applications ( 10 capsules & 10 packs )
  • Super Lifting Wrinkle Cream (30g)
  • Brush

Super Lifting Program product is very effective in restoration of sagging skin to its original state by a special patented ingredient lifting polymer, developed by patented PICOBIO technology resulting a phenomenal lifting effect. This product penetrates fast into the skin as it contains Peptides, Copper Tripeptide etc. Thus it increases collagen by compounding with aged cell, giving resilience to skin as well a improving wrinkles.

Super Lifting Wrinkle Cream

This cream provides various nutrients to dry skin, prevent loss of skin elasticity and makes it healthy and lively.

PEPPLUS is the power of skin science!

Peptides are portions of chain amino acid monomers which are building blocks of proteins found in every body part. As an outstanding alternative to retinol. Peptides are known as excellent elements to help the skin elasticity improve and solve skin problems.

Instead of general large emulsion droplets, this product has an elastic texture based on low molecules and nanoparticles and is instantly absorbed into the skin after application. Fine liposomal, nanoparticles are Fully absorbed into your skin, thus boosting the elasticity of your skin.


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