ORGANIC SERIES Lactobionic Peel 20%

£35.00 plus Vat


  • RECOMMENDED FOR mature, mixed, vascular, dry, oily, acne-prone, sensitive, tired and dull skin type
  • Due to the effect of strengthening the walls of blood vessels, lactobionic acid is recommended to people with the most sensitive vascular skin and rosacea.
  • Use AHA Organic Series Acid Tonic as a pre-exfoliator. To maintain the effects of the treatment, use the Organic Series exfoliating cream with lactobionic acid for daily, evening care and a moisturizing cream with a natural filter in the morning care. Lactobionic acid is a perennial acid.
  • 50 ml

ORGANIC SERIES products add benefits to professional treatments and are excellent skincare for home use.

Apply a small amount of the preparation on thoroughly cleansed and degreased skin of the face or body. Start with less sensitive areas like the lower jaw, side of the cheeks, chin and forehead, and finish with more sensitive areas like the nose, eye area and cheeks. Remember to carefully protect the red lip, nasal mucosa as well as birthmarks and warts before using the acid. Leave the preparation for 5-15 minutes. Watch your skin reactions very closely after applying the acid! Apply the neutralizer to the areas previously treated with acids. Leave it on the skin for the same amount of time as the acid was applied. Then rinse with water. If you notice skin irritation before the recommended time, neutralize the preparation earlier.


  • Lactobionic acid – exfoliates, smoothes, regenerates, strengthens, moisturizes, stimulates the production of collagen, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, reduces wrinkles, constricts the dilated sebaceous glands, minimizes acne changes, normalizes sebum secretion


Aqua, Lactobionic Acid, Glycerin, Xanthan Gum, Benzyl Alcohol, Dehydroacetic Acid, Tetrasodium Gluatmate Diacetate

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