Innea aqua bio-regeneration course

One-Day Professional INNEA AQUA BIOREGENERATION Training Course

Learn the innovative revolutionary technique of bio-stimulation & bio-regeneration of the skin.


This course will provide depth theory & practical knowledge behind bio-regeneration of the skin by Innea Aqua.

You will learn fully understand all you need to know about Innea - an innovative and revolutionary injectable product for tissue bio re-modelling with instant results for improvement of skin hydration, texture, tone, laxity, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

You will be given the opportunity to develop your practical skills using the most up to date techniques of intra dermal injection.

This new treatment is an excellent add-on to your aesthetic clinic/ practice. It is becoming an increasingly popular treatment to improve the skin look without any risk.

This is CPD accredited ( 8 credits ), certified,  insurable course.


  • Improvement of skin texture, tone and laxity, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Fast skin regeneration, revitalization, hydration and rejuvenation.
  • Treatment of Age-related changes in the skin, including the stratum corneum dehydration, decreased tone and elasticity, formation of wrinkles.
  • Proven properties in facial scarring and wound healing.
  • Acceleration of skin repair processes:
    – in the treatment of scars resulting from superficial injuries,
    – on the physiological aging of the skin, the effects of which include the upper layer (roughness and reduction of skin radiance) and changes in the elastic fibers of the dermis in the process of dermal tissue repair,
    – scarring results superficial trauma (acne scars and varicella).
  • Combination therapy together with peeling, laser therapy, radio wave therapy and other aggressive aesthetic procedures.
  • Long lasting results.
Innea products bio-regeneration

BEFORE & AFTER Innea Aqua Treatment

after innea treatment
after innea treatment
after innea treatment
after innea treatment

Course Aims & Objectives

  • To deliver excellence in training of skin bio-revitalisation to the face, neck, décolletage and hands.
  • To ensure that each individual we train is able to implement confident and competent delivery of each treatment.
  • Increase your profits by training and gaining certification in skin treatments.
  • Assurance of continual post course support further to training.
  • Assist awareness of the benefits in the skin treatments to your clients for immediate skin radiance and long term benefits of complete bio-revitalisation.
  • To provide all information to gain insurance and detail current regulatory matters for best practice.

Training of Protocol to Administer Treatment

  • Initial consultation, whether the candidate is suitable, expected outcome, ideal treatment plan for initial phase, on-going maintenance strategy.
  • Consultation forms – what to fill out for initial consultation to remain on file and subsequent forms for each procedure.
  • Before and After Photos and consent.
  • Explanation to client of the treatment procedure itself.
  • Preparation for treatment.
  • Treatment procedure.
  • Aftercare advice.
  • Follow up contact details for advice or concerns following treatment.
  • Booking of next appointment.

Course Content

  • Why Innea Aqua bio revitalisation gel with Treahalose
  • Introduction to skin ageing
  • Patient Selection and contraindication
  • Indications and treatment protocol
  • Mechanism of action and applications
  • Treatment techniques
  • Post procedure care
  • Complications
  • Demonstration
  • Hands on practice
  • Guidance on proven package options when advising on a skin bio revitalisation treatment plan

Course Outcomes

  • Accurate skin health assessment and diagnosis.
  • Safe and competent delivery.
  • Knowledge of where and how to obtain products.
  • Knowledge of insurance cover and regulation information.

Requirements for this course

Open to experienced therapists only with one or more of the following qualifications:

  • NVQ Level 3 Beauty or equivalent
  • Nurse / Dental Nurse
  • Doctor
  • Dentist
  • Pharmacist
  • Level 4 Micropigmentation
  • Aesthetic Practitioners

Course Details

If you are attending our one day courses the times are as follows:
09.30am - 4.30pm
For our courses, you will receive a 30 min lunch break.
No case studies are required - no written exams.
Certificates are given on the day on the completion of a successful practical assessment with your tutor.
Fully insurable training course in the UK
CPD ACCREDITED - 9 credits

Price for the course: £ 799 includes 2 FREE boxes of INNEA AQUA

50% non-refundable payment
50% on the day of course

Please note - We are sorry you CANNOT apply for this course if you only have a massage qualification or if you only have an Anatomy and Physiology as the accrediting bodies for insurance purposes will NOT accept these unless you also have one of the above requirements as well.


Please contact our Team for further details.

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